Updated 02/11/05

Some of Southpaw and Saxman's
Favorite Friends and Fans

Thanks for stopping and visiting our page dedicated to our wonderful friends and fans, who have supported
and listened to our music for years. If you are one of our faithful followers and would like to have your picture
displayed here, just email us a copy. If you don't have a scanned image, just give us a copy next time you see us.

Some of our Great Times at Puerto Escondido, Rockwall Texas, 2000

Some of our dedicated and faithful following. (I'm
afraid to ask what Tammy is doing!!! Hahahaha)

Macarena, anyone?

Might be someone's birthday!!!!!!

Carrie & Tate

Danna & Gilbert

Mike & Karen
(Is Mike Gettin' Lucky?)

Robert & Cindy
(Is Cindy Gettin' Lucky?)

Dance, Dance, Dance!!!!

In their corners, Dandy Dwayne

& Mighty Mike???

Lynda and Jesse from Las Macarenas in Royce City.

Karen, and our wee fans Megan & Sydney!!!

Hail, hail, the gangs all here!!!

The Jay Man!!!!


Southpaw III, The Mrs., and a niece

Eric, wassssssssup?????



The Group is here!!!
(If you look really close, you can see
Tammy and Leslie hiding)

Rusty, Barb, and some guy saying,
"They went thatta way!!!!"

Phyllis and friends at the long table
having almost too good of a time


Linda's Really Big Birthday

October 23, 2000

Linda.jpg (51420 bytes)

Gary and Linda.jpg (23896 bytes)

Queen Linda

"Are we having too much fun???? Hmmmm???"

Zack.jpg (13208 bytes)

Gary and family.jpg (32675 bytes)

"The Zakster"

"Hail!, Hail! The Gang's All Here" or
"Gary Just Loves A Good Party"

Corey's harem.jpg (36059 bytes)

Linda and sleeping Lara.jpg (20030 bytes)
Awe!!! C'mon Corey,
Southpaw wants you to share!!!
Linda parties while Sleeping Beauty
snores on!!!!

Linda's cake.jpg (15134 bytes)

Mmm, mmm, Good!!!!

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